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Innermes Organic Vegan Sports Nutrition Products Coming to America

BOCA RATON, FL, June 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Innerme, the best organic sports food on the market, plans to bring its three most popular products to the American consumer.

“We have been popular in Europe, but now we plan to offer ISO Energy Drink, Protein Mix ‘Cacao’ and Energy Bars to American athletes and sports enthusiasts,” said Dirk Baelus, founder and CEO of Innerme, the Belgium-based sports health and wellness company. “Our drinks, protein mix, and bars give you the right amount of energy to perform at your highest level.”

Baelus, 41, the force behind Innerme, never imagined he would own a sports and nutrition company.

“I used to run a pub, work long nights, smoked, loved my beer, and lived an unhealthy life,” he said.

That all changed when a customer talked about a quarter triathlon race.

“I thought, ‘Why not?’” Baelus said. “I bought running shoes, swimwear, and a second-hand racing bike, and started training. After finishing my first quarter-triathlon in 2005, my life changed. I gained more confidence and felt more self-assured than I ever did in my life.”

Following his first triathlon, Baelus joined a training club and soon closed his pub to start a new career.

“While I was training, I started searching for the right food, diet, or lifestyle that would give me the energy I needed,” he said. “I wanted natural, pure nutrition, so I tested diets, devoured books, and soon discovered that a vegetable-based diet healed my body and mind.”

Baelus knew he needed to change his diet in addition to exercise and sports.

As a youth, Baelus said he had faced various health problems that all his working-out activities would not alleviate.

“When I started sports, I thought I would become the healthiest person on earth,” he said. “But after a year, I got sick again. That is when I realized I had to change my diet.”

To find the right healthy diet, Baelus had to travel to different parts of the world to learn about healthy foods.

“I spent 10 weeks among Japanese sea farmers to learn new recipes and ingredients,” Baelus said, adding that when he returned home, he started working as a food coach and gave cooking workshops.

After Baelus finished his first Ironman competition in Hawaii in 2009, he went on to complete 26 Ironman competitions. He also knew he wanted to start his own sports nutrition brand.

“I wanted to convert my balanced meals into compact food for athletes on the go,” he said. “Innerme was born.”

Now, Baelus wants to bring his energy drinks, protein mix, and bars to America:

  • ISO Energy Drink for before, during, or after working out. ISO Energy Drink is a pure and natural sports drink for all ages. It is a healthy, organic thirst-quencher with high-quality ingredients, such as rice, agave, Celtic sea salt, and freeze-dried fruit. Plus, the drink provides a high dose of vitamin C from rosehip and acerola.
  • Protein Mix Cacao for after workout recovery. The Innerme Protein Mix is a vegetable-based, protein-rich food that can build muscles and help you recover after exercising. It provides all the essential amino acids you need. The mix is not only easy to digest, but it also has a delicious, natural taste.
  • Energy Bars for before, during, after working out, or as a snack. This apple-cinnamon flavored bar is delicious and easy to digest and provides fast and long-lasting energy. It is 100 percent natural and 100 percent vegan without refined sugar or fructose. The ingredients include rice syrup, puffed rice, sesame seed, rice protein, pea protein, apple, cinnamon, and sea salt.

Innerme products use only pure, potent, and organic ingredients. These products do not contain refined sugar, are lactose-free, and include only gluten-free ingredients. Furthermore, colorants, artificial substances, genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, and animal products are banned, which means that all ingredients are 100 percent natural and plant-based.

Baelus’ life journey now begins a new chapter that brings his sports nutrition products to America.

“From life as a pub owner, who loved his beer, to owner of a sports nutrition company, I never saw that coming. The customer who first mentioned the quarter triathlon changed my life,” Baelus said. “I owe him a lot.”

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