Institutional Portfolio Research Journals Appoints Brett Hammond to Be Editor of the Journal of Retirement

Institutional Portfolio Research Journals (formerly II Journals), a
division of Pageant Media, has appointed Dr. P. Brett Hammond to be the
editor of The Journal of Retirement. Dr. Hammond is a research leader
with the Capital Group (American Funds). He was formerly a managing
director at MSCI, where he served as head of multi-asset applied
research and as head of index applied research. Previously, he was chief
investment strategist at TIAA from 1993 to 2012. Earlier in his career,
he was an assistant professor at UCLA and research analyst and lecturer
at UC Berkeley.

Dr. Hammond received BA degrees in economics and political science from
the University of California at Santa Cruz and a PhD from the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is past president of the
Society of Quantitative Analysts.

“We’re very lucky to have Dr. Hammond coming on board as the new editor
of The Journal of Retirement,” said Dave Blide, publisher of
Institutional Portfolio Research Journals. “Dr. Hammond’s distinguished
career—particularly his role as chief investment strategist at TIAA for
more than 18 years—positions him ideally to take over the reins of the
journal,” added Blide.

Dr. Hammond succeeds George (Sandy) Mackenzie, who served as editor of
The Journal of Retirement from the publication’s inception in 2013. “Mr.
Mackenzie’s vision and resolve brought the journal into being and
established it firmly as an authoritative research source for
practitioners in the pension and retirement sphere,” observed Blide. “We
are extremely grateful to Mr. Mackenzie for all that he has done for the
journal,” added Blide. Mr. Mackenzie will remain associated with The
Journal of Retirement as a member of the journal’s advisory board.

About The Journal of Retirement (

The Journal of Retirement is both a scholarly and practitioner-focused
journal that presents cutting-edge retirement research. The journal
explores a diverse range of subjects, including retirement preparedness,
pension plan design, behavioral finance, risk management strategies,
demographics, longevity, social security, regulatory policy, and
financial literacy and education. The journal’s mission is to foster
research on retirement security by academics, practitioners, and policy
makers in all these areas that will lead to policies and practices that
enhance the welfare of older Americans.

About Institutional Portfolio Research Journals (

Institutional Portfolio Research Journals offer in-depth, original, and
practical research in key areas of investment management and finance,
including fixed income, index investing, derivatives, trading, private
equity, portfolio management, structured finance, and wealth management.
Written and edited by world-renowned practitioners and academics, the
journals are extensively read and highly regarded in the industry.

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