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Insurance Companies Can Save Money with Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Kits

Healthcare, Benefits, Adults, Blood Pressure, High RiskIn a recent development in the healthcare industry, home blood pressure checking kits can now be paid for by insurance companies. This will not only help save money, but will also enhance the quality of healthcare and bring down the overall healthcare expenditure. It has been noted that monitoring kits at home can be extremely efficient in keeping a track of blood pressure and should ideally become a basis or foundation of analysis and treatment in the US.    

Benefits to insurance companies

According to a recent research study by the American Heart Association, insurance companies can save money by enhancing the quality of healthcare and bringing down medical expenses.

A number greater than 76 million stands for the adults suffering from high blood pressure in the United States. Several others still remain undiagnosed. There are no apparent symptoms of high blood pressure. This makes regular testing over a certain period of time extremely crucial, particularly for individuals at high risk with regards to the condition. These monitoring systems at home are an effective tool to check blood pressure at routine intervals.

In a fresh and innovative analysis, researchers came out with a favorable calculation for insurance companies. These companies could get anywhere between 0.85 dollars and 3.75 dollars as return in the first year for every dollar invested in the blood-pressure monitoring kit. In a matter of ten years, this return could potentially go up to anywhere between 7.50 dollars to 19.34 dollars.

Benefits to patients

According to researchers, different age groups had different reasons for savings. In those individuals in the age group of 65 years or older, more money was saved when the monitoring kit was utilized for treating high blood pressure. This helped to reduce or eliminate any hazardous heart conditions or events in the future.

In the younger lot of people, higher savings were noted in the use of monitoring kits for the purpose of diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis meant lesser people undertaking unnecessary medication and treatment.

An improvement in the accuracy of assessment and regular monitoring at home (without a clinical setting) enables patients to take care of themselves. In addition to this, it also helps their doctors and saves funds for insurance firms.

So, it is recommended by the American Heart Association that individuals with high blood pressure condition keep a check on their levels even while at home.