Intel to Work on Latest Self Driving Car

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) has announced plans to work on technologies needed for autonomous driving which include sensors, processors, and software algorithms. This new partnership works with Chinese auto giant, SAIC Motors to supply their computing and camera based systems as well as navigation service provider, Navinfo to build localized maps. Data collected from weather, road closings, potholes, and other potential obstacles can be obtained to help vehicles navigate through congested streets in China. These partners might also join workforces with another firm focusing on mobility to introduce a commercial service in a market where Didi Chuxing has a dominant footing.

Intel already designed a one driver assistance system called “Level 2+” that includes cruise control and can drive in stop and go traffic on busy highways. The company’s Mobileye division will gather data from about 2 million vehicles in unspecified geographic regions to collect data for high definition maps. The vehicles will be equipped with cameras and sensors located on various areas of the cars and capture pictures of the roads as well as surrounding areas. These images and videos will then be added directly to the Mobileye powered driver assist platform.

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