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Intelligence chiefs present compelling Russian interference evidence to Trump

President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama were both recipients of classified briefings from United States intelligence. The briefings stated that Russian operatives have ferreted out compromising financial and personal information regarding Trump. The briefings were presented by four senior most American intelligence chiefs- Admiral Mike Rogers, the NSA Director, James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, James Coney, the FBI Director and John Brennan, the Director of the CIA.

Two page synopsis

According to informed sources, the allegations report were contained within a synopsis spanning two pages. The pages came as part of a report looking into Russian interference in 2016 presidential election. These allegations partly came from a few memos compiled by a former member of the British intelligence services. The latter is trusted by US intelligence as the operative has done work for American security earlier. The credibility of such allegations are being investigated by the FBI. There was no confirmation of essential details from their side.

The synopsis was included by senior officials to prove that Russia has gathered information which could be deemed harmful to both Republicans and Democrats, but released information to mar the electoral prospects of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The synopsis was not a part of the official report submitted by intelligence sources. It was included to prove that the Putin wanted to harm the candidacy of Clinton. A glance through the documents clearly reveal that the Russian President Putin preferred Trump as the US President. Interestingly, the synopsis was inclusive of allegations that information was exchange between the Russian Government intermediaries and Trump surrogates.

Old news

According to the media house that broke these news, these news were earlier presented to congressional leaders in the form of classified briefings in 2016. The reports prompted Harry Reid, the erstwhile Senate Democratic Leader, to dispatch a strongly worded letter to the FBI director where he wrote that Comey has potentially destructive information concerning close ties between the Russian Government and Donald Trump. The letter also added that the Russian administration was hostile to US interests.

The said media house has also reviewed a 35 page long compilation of memos, from the synopsis was written. These memos were first commissioned by Republicans opposed to Trump, and later used by Democrats. A few of the memos were known as long back as in the summer of 2016. The only thing that has changed is now the intelligence agencies of the US has verified the British intelligence operative and found him to be credible.

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