Internal divisions in the U.S. will impact global political strongholds

The Munich Security Conference was held last week and the proceedings indicated at a potential scramble in the global political stronghold. While U.S.’s vice president Mike Pence focused on pinpointing Russia’s interference in Ukraine and calling them to order for it, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi seemed to be playing bother sides against the middle with his pro- U.S. and Pro- Moscow speech. Meanwhile Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov hinted at a ‘post- west’ future in the global political scene.

The three main players

The U.S., China and Russia are the key players the global political scene who can tip the scales or at the very least, create ripples that can have extensive impact. China seems all set to move up the scale and take over U.S.’s position as the center point of the political arena. Russia is well aware that it lacks the size and strength to dominate the other two but it wants to create a system where there is no one country towering over others but an oligarchy instead.

The U.S.’ internal division will hamper it

Given this state of affairs, it will take a lot for the U.S. to retain its dominance in the global political scene. But this seems to be rather impossible to achieve given the internal strife that is taking place here in the country. President Trump’s win has exposed the fact that there is a great divide within the country. Most people have been taken completely by surprise at how the elections turned out and this shows that the population is really quite unaware of what the country may be thinking.

The problems that America faces will not remained contained within its border; it will spill over to its international ties and its global strength may falter as a result. With the vociferous opposition that Trump is facing at home, the U.S. may be seen as an unpredictable economy. Irrespective of whether or not any real political instability may arise within the country, the world will view this as a definite possibility. This is why internal division may impair the U.S.’s ability to maintain its global strongholds in politics, making way for China to move a step ahead.

Meanwhile China will be looking to leverage its bilateral agreement with Moscow to build its position in the global political scene. For Russia, too, this is a good move to make to ensure that the U.S. dominance is undermined.

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