International Nations turn backs on Trump

A major chunk of the world has turned its back on the United States led by the Trump presidency. This attrition of faith has resulted in opportunities for other countries to chest-thump on the global stage. Russia and China are two of them. President Trump has the support of only 30 percent of people interviewed in 2017. The respondents were scattered across 134 countries. This is a dip of almost 20 percent compared to the Barack Obama president-ship. Marked declines were observed in Canada, Latin America, and Europe.

Antagonistic world

President Trump has alienated a number of the US allies, including those countries whose ties go back hundreds of years, by taking the US away from a number of global agreements and international organizations. The present president has also become known for issuing a number of derogatory remarks like calling a few nations 'shithole' countries. According to Jon Clifton, the global managing partner of Gallup, it is hard to lead when people get depressed under that leadership. He pointed out that the Trump camp will term such a situation understandable as they consider themselves as the ones to make tough decisions.

The Trump administration has abandoned the trade agreement of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Paris climate change accord. It also undercut the Iran nuclear deal. President Trump-led US Government also warned the NATO countries that they should spend more on their respective military. He threatened to scrap a number of free trade pacts the United States has previously signed with South Korea, Canada, and Mexico among other countries.

Up and down

This does not mean that the ascendancy of Trump has led to a drop in American leadership approval all over the world. Four countries are happy with the way President Trump leads the United States- Belarus, Macedonia, Israel, and Liberia.

The highest drops were seen in Canada and Mexico. In Canada, the fall was a massive 60 percent and in Mexico, 28 percentage points. When it came to the NATO countries, 18 nations out of the 28 showed a decline of 10 points or more. Italy declined by 14 points and Germany by 21 points. France and Belgium declined by 28 and 44 points respectively. Approval ratings in Portugal went down by 51 points. Even in Norway, which President Trump praised as a country from where immigrants should come to the United States, and not from Africa, only 13 percent of the respondent population gave a seal of approval to the leadership under Trump.

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