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Introducing the New HydraHeat Flameless Portable Electric Heating System

Fort Worth, TX, June 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — Water Now, Inc. (“Water Now” or the “Company”) (OTC: WTNW), a leading water purification solutions company, today announced the introduction of its new “HydraHeat” Flameless Portable Electric Heating System (“HydraHeat”). HydraHeat is built on Water Now’s patented flameless heating technology and is perfect for any environment that requires portable, fast heat. HydraHeat will heat up to 1,000 square feet to 150 degrees on only 8.2 amps.

David King, Chief Executive Officer of Water Now, commented, “HydraHeat passed a battery of tests over 30 days, administered by Intertek, the 130-year-old industry leader in testing, inspecting and certifying products. The results of these tests were spectacular, which enabled HydraHeat to quickly satisfy all federal, state and local regulations.

“We developed this unit with our patented flameless technology to provide an affordable option to customers that seek a safe and reliable portable heating solution. The technology in a HydraHeater product is far safer than any conventional electric heaters on the market. HydraHeat virtually eliminates the risk of fire that is associated with space heaters that use an array of coils. Furthermore, the risk of explosion in high risk environments, such as the home, paint shops, grain mills, auto body shops, or manufacturing facilities, is mitigated.”

A HydraHeat unit can be placed anywhere in a building, which eliminates concerns about thermostats, overheating protection, tip-overs, electrical shocks, and fire concerns. The units are portable in design and will stay cool to the touch.

The Company is actively pursuing sales and distribution opportunities and is currently in discussions with a number of big box retailers, HUD and auto accessory and repair businesses.

About Water Now

Water Now, headquartered in Ft. Worth, Texas, has developed a water purification technology that we believe cost-effectively produces portable water from fresh or saltwater sources. Our flameless heating process distills water without the need for filters, membranes, or chemicals, eliminating maintenance costs as well as downtime caused by clogged membranes and filters.  Our mission is to create solutions that make clean, affordable water available anywhere on the planet and to help end the spread of disease through contaminated water sources.

We believe that the humanitarian, environmental and commercial applications of the technology are virtually immeasurable, and we are excited to deliver solutions that we believe will help reduce water security issues on a global scale.

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