Investor Consultancy SpringReef LLC Reveals the Top Four Client Issues within the Wealth Management Industry

SpringReef LLC, an independent consultancy that evaluates financial
advisors on behalf of high net worth families and nonprofit
organizations, today published a white paper entitled, “Safeguarding
Your Assets from Today’s Top Wealth Management Pitfalls,” revealing the
four most prevalent client issues within the wealth management industry

“Since our founding in 2010, we’ve had the unique opportunity to review
hundreds of financial advisors, wealth management firms, and investment
portfolios,” said Doug Black, founder of SpringReef LLC. “Through our
work, we’ve seen the best and the worst of the industry, and given our
unparalleled vantage point, we’re pleased to share our observations and
guidance with the public.”

The firm points to the following pitfalls as the most widespread across
the wealth management industry, and notes that when left unaddressed,
they can lead to a lack of client satisfaction at best, and at worst,
irreparable damage to a family’s financial wellbeing:

“These issues often have a significant impact on the safety and
stability of client portfolios,” added Black. “The good news is there
are ways that clients can mitigate these problems in their advisor
relationships and increase their probability of a successful outcome. We
hope that by being aware of and addressing these issues, families will
find themselves better positioned to meet their financial goals.”

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About SpringReef LLC

SpringReef is an independent consultancy and investor advocate that
provides guidance to high net worth families and nonprofit organizations
on critical aspects of wealth management. Founded in 2010, the firm
offers financial advisor evaluations, including assessments of
investment performance, investment solutions, and fees, along with
searches for best-in-class financial advisors and ongoing advisor
monitoring. As of June 2018, SpringReef has assisted over 140 clients
with cumulative investment assets of over $8.6 billion. To learn more,
please visit

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