Investors Track President Trump’s Effect on Companies

Any new Presidential administration has the potential to affect the stock market. Certain policies are directly correlated to macroeconomic trends, and companies often mention the actions taken in Washington DC. With the Trump administration however, it has become overwhelming to follow all daily developments, and tweets. In addition, it is still unclear whether or Trump can turn his rhetoric into reality, and adequately pursue his agenda. 
“We are getting past the hype and hope stage to see what Trump is really able to do,” said Alap Shah, CEO of the financial analysis platform Sentieo. 
Sentieo has announced a new website called – “Trump Tracker.” The websites searches companies’ regulatory filings, presentations and highlights ofr references to Trump or his policies using select key words. That can include phrases such as “Executive Order,” “Obamacare,” and “NAFTA.” 
According to Fortune, Sentieo has already uncovered evidence that companies worry about Trump’s potential impacts more than investors seem to realize. For example, since Trump has become president 27% of health care companies mentioned Trump by name in the risk section of their annual or quarterly filings, as did 20% of energy companies, 16% of real estate firms, 13% of financial firms, 4% of non-essential goods companies, and 3% of the tech sector.

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