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IOTO International Begins USA Manufacturing of Hemp Sheet for Smoking Products

IOTO International, the USA and Brazil-based manufacturer of homogenized wrapper, cut filler and binder for the smoking industry, has expanded its Yerba Mate, Chamomile and other herbal homogenized sheet offerings to include USA production of premium reconstituted hemp sheet.

Utilizing qualified and tested hemp flower, leaf or stem supplied by customers (or directly sourced locally by IOTO), the company is now able to offer customized manufacture of hemp sheet to the specific herbal content requirements of its clients. IOTO is positioned to give industry clients the type of hemp sheet specifically needed for high quality hemp smoking products which ultimately will be offered to adult consumers.

Helder Tullio, Director of Operations at IOTO, said that, “Demand for hemp smoking wrappers in the USA has increased exponentially over the last 2 years, as brand developers have brought novel hemp cigarettes, cigars, hemp wrappers and hemp cones to the market. Unfortunately, the majority of the hemp wrap available today is generic, and not crafted to meet the specific smoking qualities required by brand owners. At IOTO, we are set up to run both small scale and high-volume production, and we are able to meet the specific formulation needs of the client.”

“Given our scaled manufacturing approach, we can work with smaller initial production runs, and ultimately grow with brand owners as sales volumes expand. In effect, we can help make smaller brands more viable and give them real points of differentiation from the generic hemp wrapper offerings that are in the market today,” added Tullio.

Tullio further states, “The IOTO hemp wrapper is a highly durable hemp sheet, and we believe our manufacturing process gives us a distinct edge over competitors and delivers a superior quality hemp sheet for clients. In addition, IOTO’s capabilities in flavor development also helps our customers meet their targeted taste profile requirements when making flavored hemp sheet.”

About IOTO: IOTO has been an international leader in the manufacture of reconstituted and homogenized smoking sheet and filler and quality flavors to industry since 1999. With its patented manufacturing process for homogenized wrapper the company is able to provide customized sheet to meet clients’ product needs.



Mr. Helder Tullio, Director of Operations

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