IP Infusion Announces Acquisition of Northforge Innovations Inc., an Expert Software Consulting and Development Company

Infusion, a leading provider of intelligent network software for
telecom and data communications services, announced the acquisition of Northforge
Innovations® Inc., an expert software consulting and
development company. Northforge Innovations, a Canadian-based software
development company specializing in network infrastructure and network
security, will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of IP Infusion, a
leading provider of intelligent network software for telecom and data
communications services, and a consolidated subsidiary of ACCESS CO.,
LTD, a global provider of advanced software technologies to the Internet
of Things (IoT) markets and parent company of IP Infusion.

Employing highly skilled network communications software experts,
Northforge Innovations provides the talent and expertise to advance the
security, speed and intelligence of data packet transmission. Founded in
2004, Northforge is trusted by 75+ CEOs of OEM network communications
companies for their innovative software consulting and development
services and solutions. IP Infusion has been a customer of Northforge
Innovations’ software development services for several years.

In today’s networking market environment, service providers and data
center operators are making substantial capital investments in 5G mobile
communications services. These companies are facing the challenge of
major reductions in the costs of capital investment in network
infrastructure while improving their ability to implement new features.
These companies are addressing these needs through investment in
disaggregated networking solutions. OcNOS™,
IP Infusion’s network operating system for white box solutions, enables
the disaggregation. The acquisition of Northforge Innovations reinforces
IP Infusion’s commitment to the “white box” marketplace by expanding and
strengthening OcNOS, and to increase the hardware products that can be
operated by OcNOS.

“Together, IP Infusion and Northforge will deliver next-generation OcNOS
to satisfy the network quality and functionality requirements of service
providers and data center operators,” said Atsushi Ogata, President and
CEO of IP Infusion. “We believe that our combined technology leadership,
from IP Infusion’s years of networking operating software experience to
Northforge’s extensive network communications expertise, will give
networking customers more choices and the flexibility that disaggregated
networking brings.”

“Northforge brings to the acquisition a high level of software
development capacity, expert knowledge and experience that will
strengthen and accelerate IP Infusion’s OcNOS presence in the network
communications industry, in addition to providing customized
implementation services to OEMs in the network communication industry,”
said Brenda Pastorek, President and Chief Operating Officer of
Northforge Innovations. “For example, our deep expertise of Broadcom’s
chipset products, gained from our technical support as Broadcom’s only
Authorized Development Collaborator for StrataDNX™, will support IP
Infusion’s initiative for innovating white box network solutions within
the network industry.”

About IP Infusion

IP Infusion, the leader in disaggregated networking solutions, delivers
enterprise and carrier-grade software solutions allowing network
operators to reduce network costs, increase flexibility, and to deploy
new features and services quickly. IP Infusion’s OcNOS, the industry’s
first enterprise and carrier-grade network operating system for Open
Compute hardware, allows for easier implementation of large-scale IT
networks, and offers customers white box solutions to deploy more
quickly. VirNOS, an NFV-based software platform, provides a carriers and
enterprises with a cost-effective network OS approach to implement and
manage their networking services. With the OcNOS and VirNOS network
operating systems, both powered by ZebOS, IP Infusion offers network
operators, carriers, and enterprises with the physical and virtual
software solutions they need to achieve the disaggregated networking
model. Over 300 customers worldwide, including major networking
equipment manufacturers, use IP Infusion’s respected ZebOS platform to
build networks to address the evolving needs of cloud, carrier and
mobile networking. IP Infusion is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.,
and is a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of ACCESS
CO., LTD. Additional information can be found at http://www.ipinfusion.com.

About Northforge Innovations

Northforge Innovations is an expert software consulting and development
company focused on advancing the speed, security, and intelligence of
the communications infrastructure. We help customers bring innovation
and quality to their network infrastructure and network security
products and services. For more information, visit www.gonorthforge.com.


Since 1984, ACCESS CO., LTD. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index, 4813)
has been providing advanced IT solutions centered around mobile and
network software technologies to telecom carriers, consumer electronics
manufacturers, broadcasting companies and the automotive industry around
the world. The company develops mobile software solutions that have been
installed on over 1.5 billion devices, and network software solutions
that have been used by over 300 telecommunication equipment
manufacturers. Utilizing its network virtualization technology skills
and knowledge, the company is currently focusing on the development and
commercialization of Internet of Things (IoT) that combine embedded and
cloud technology. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the company operates
subsidiaries and affiliates in Asia, Europe and the United States to
support and expand its business globally. Learn more about ACCESS at www.access-company.com/en/.

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Northforge Innovations is a registered trademark of Northforge
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