Ipswich Council Politics Zero Effect on Federal Labor

Members of Parliament from the Labor Party are unlikely to be affected by the fallout from corruption charges faced by a number of Ipswich politicians, including city council mayors and chief executive officers attached to the council. The council, in its entirety, could lose their jobs. Stirling Hinchliffe, the Local Government Minister, has provided the councilors a maximum of 21 days within which they must explain why he should not fire them.

Election system at fault

Analysts echo this view. Paul Williams, a political analyst, said that with the chance of federal elections in 2018, voters would view this situation as yet another symptom of a malfunctioning election system. They would not transfer their ire to federal members. He pointed out that the voters' minds make a distinction between the federal Labor party and the state. The local council, in their minds, is another entity altogether. Williams was uncertain about the exact reaction of the voters. He cautioned that voters are disheartened and disgruntled and this pushed the government to take strict actions. The local political leaders were given time prior to being appointed the administrator.

As per Williams, voters will latch on to the idea that the system was totally broken. He warned that the impact could take in the form of voters migrating their assent to the fringe dwellers. The latter could even be undemocratic who would attract voters by saying that democratic politics cannot be trusted and strong but populist leaders are the need of the day.

Hanson and One Nation

The end winner, William said, could be leaders like Pauline Hanson. It would not influence the electoral prospects of politicians like Shayne Neumann or even Milton Dick. The latter gained Oxley, the federal seat, after Bernie Ripoll retired in 2016. Neumann held the Blair seat from 2007.

According to Williams, although parties like One Nation could attract more voters, these should not be adequate to actually win a seat. He expressed doubts on whether the One Nation party could get any Lower House seat during the next federal election. Pauline Hanson, he said, has burned herself. Since they could not win at the recent Queensland election, it would be hard for them to win at the much harder federal level.

The 2017 election in Queensland saw Malcolm Roberts, the One Nation candidate, polling 26.6 percent of first preference vote. His Senate seat was taken away from him as a result of the dual citizenship narrative.

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