Iranian Revolutionary Guards Deputy Commander Threatens to Annihilate Israel

Iran has always been a vociferous opponent of Israel and what it considers Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine. This hatred translates into occasional threats from senior Iranian regime officials.

In the most recent instance of Iran’s chest thumping, the deputy commandant of the elite IRGC or Iranian Revolutionary Corps has threatened to bomb Israel from Lebanon.

According to his claims, Iran has stationed hundreds of thousands of missiles in Lebanon and will use them at the right time. He said, now more than ever there were conditions which justified the ‘annihilation’ of Israel.

He says, if Israel makes a wrong move, Iran will shoot these missiles into Israel and liberate the ‘occupied territories’ from Israel. He added that recent events have shown that there were chinks in Israel’s famed Iron Dome anti-missile defense system and Iran would exploit these to destroy Israel.

He is only reiterating what the top leadership of Iran thinks about Israel. Recently, the Supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on the Muslim student associations across the world to unite and create a common ‘anti-west’ and ‘anti-Israel’ front.

He asked them to use advanced communication tools and the internet to form general campaigns so that when needed, the groups can create a big movement against the west and the Jews. He also spoke his usual refrain of keeping a close eye on internal developments in Iran to protect it from inimical interests, who want to sabotage the country.

President Rouhani, who is seen as a moderate force by the west, said that western powers are trying to exploit the differences between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, to draw attention away from the Palestinian conflict. He reiterated Iran’s continued support to the Palestinians.

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