IRS Phone Scams make $ Millions

Although warnings and coverage on the news has gotten the public aware, telephone scammers continue to be very successful as they pose as Internal Revenue Service agents.

Back in May the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration arrest five people involved in an IRS phone scam. The individuals were arrested in Miami and charged with wire fraud. The suspects almost claimed $2million that defrauded over 1,500 victims.

Recently, Indian police arrested 70 people in a call center scam. The individuals that were arrested were charged with tax-related scams and were caught during a police raid at a call center outside of Mumbai, India.

The employees were sending mass text messages and phone calls to over 10,000 American cell phone numbers. These individuals warned the victims that local police or IRS would raid their homes within 30 minutes unless they sent an immediate payment. The IRS scam was collecting almost $150,000 a day while operating for over a year.

Over 6,000 victims have paid over $36 million to scammers posing as IRS officials since October 2013, over 1.2 million calls have been made to taxpayers demanding that they send cash to resolve outstanding tax liabilities.

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