Isis Terrorizes on a Global scale


The world is going through a series of conflicts right from issues like inflation, job losses, terrorism, petty politics and the like. What is terrible is the fact that people are losing their lives because of a skewed idea of what their religion teaches them. With radicalization taking over across the board especially in Syria because of the influx of the Isis, bloodshed is pretty much a done deal. Given the fact that the terrorists do not bat an eyelid about the manner in which they spread fear, it has become quite a norm. Bringing a child into this world, especially in conflict areas like Turkey, a country that has seen more of its share of gloom is scary. The Isis goes on with their ‘job’ of inflicting their brand of religiosity believing that a caliphate like state that they so aspire to create, will render them as good soldiers and bring them fulfillment on death. The prospect of giving up their lives for a supposed ‘cause’ and having a series of virgins waiting for them when they die, makes them feel like they what they do, they supposedly do for the greater good.

Terrorism has reared its ugly head across the globe with countries like France being hit constantly. India is also no stranger to terrorism with terrible blows by extremists wanting to declare Kashmir a state of Pakistan. Unfortunately, reasoning with the radicalized many is like trying to squeeze water out of stone. They do not believe in dialogue because their form of reason is money, inflicting pain and causing strife on a global footing. The state of global politics has many governments discussing methods of doing away with the enemy. After flushing out Osama the Al Qaeda seemed like they were hit at where it hurt. Unfortunately, a worse enemy was in the making to set their agenda and let the world know that the Sunni Muslim also had a grouse with the infidel nations (as they term them). Soldiers, civilians, children, women, the elderly, men, young boys have lost and continue losing their lives to bombs and stray bullets. Many young boys and girls are taken as slaves to appease the appetites of the terrorists. Young women who have escaped the terrorists have let on about the horrors they endured during their capture. Unfortunately, it looks like the Isis is set to spread fear among nations and do not show remorse or any sign of surrendering.

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