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Israel Accuses US Over UN Resolution

The Benjamin Netanyahu led Israeli Government has publicly accused the President Barack Obama administration of assisting the creation and subsequent passing of the UN resolution that condemned all activity related to resettlement. The UN Security Council resolution was voted on December 23. The resolution was subsequently passed due to marked absence by the United States.

The resolution condemned Israeli settlement activities in east Jerusalem and West Bank. It led to an outrage in Israel and ushered in much colder relations between the Netanyahu led Israeli Government and the US Obama administration.

The role of the US

It has already been acknowledged by the White House that President Obama asked Samantha Powers, the US Ambassador to the United Nations to abstain from voting activity. It was however not clear how the Obama administration crafted the resolution and pushed it. Interestingly, the resolution was at first started by Egypt. Other countries like New Zealand, Venezuela, Malaysia and Senegal soon backed the resolution. Eric Schulz, the spokesman for the White House, empathetically said that the resolution was not drafted by the United States.

David Keys, the spokesman for the Netanyahu Government, said that Israel has credible information sourced from both its Arab contacts and in the wider world that the United States created this resolution and pushed it forward. The Israeli Prime Minister has termed the resolution as a kind of “shameful ambush”. Netanyahu further added that even though Israel and the United States has disagreed on settlements, there was an understanding that if these actions were brought before UN Security Council, it will make peace negotiations much harder.

Netanyahu awaits Trump

Netanyahu pointedly said of his willingness to work with the coming Trump Presidency. He said that Israel has friends in the United States who had criticized such a resolution. They said that they have understood how destructive and reckless can such a behavior be. Keyes also conveyed such a viewpoint on his briefings to the media. The latter said that what is being seen is that Israel is getting abandoned, along with long-standing jettisoning of US policy.

The Foreign Ministry of Israel said that it has begun to summon ambassadors of those countries who have voted for the resolution. This included the countries which are the Security Council’s permanent members like Russia, France, UK and China. In a departure from usual protocol, the American ambassador was also summoned. Netanyahu has reiterated that Israel will do all it needs to emerge unscathed from such a destructive action against itself.

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