Israel warns Syria, threatens to destroy latter’s air defenses

Avigdor Liberman, the Defense Minister of Israel, issued a warning to Syria that the latter’s air defense system will be destroyed in case Damascus fires another anti-aircraft missile targeted towards Israeli aircraft. The Syrians have fired anti-aircraft missiles towards Israeli military jets during the March 16 to March 17 night.

Illegal weapon transfer

The Syrians have their own version to tell. They said that Israeli jets bombed a military site located close to Palmyra. Israel flatly denies it, saying the jets have targeted weapons shipments being sent to Hezbollah, a designated terrorist organization backed by Iran. Tel Avin has flatly denied claims that Syria has shot one jet and hit yet another fighter.

The Israeli military actions was noticed all over the world-particularly by the Russians. Moscow summoned Gary Koren, the Ambassador of Israel to Russia, within 24 hours after the bombing. The action of summoning itself is important. It has been quite a long time when Moscow has summoned a Tel Aviv envoy- and this happens after Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel made a visit to Russia and met President Vladimir Putin. The aim was to reaffirm the coordination between the Israeli and the Russian military concerning Syria. Palmyra was once a strong hold of ISIS before it was wrested back from them by the Syrian government.

Liberman and March 17

Liberman, in order to justify the Israeli strikes said that the central problem of his country was advanced weaponry transfer between Lebanon and Syria. He said that when his government sees something like these kind of transfer, it will prevent such things from happening at all. He added that there will be zero compromise on the issue of smuggling game changing weapons . Israel will always attack in such cases.

The March 17 encounter between Syria and Israel was the most threatening one since the time the civil war in Syria started in 2011. With the progress of the conflict, tension between the two neighboring countries also lessened. However, these peace progresses has again being junked in recent times. Particularly when Israel conducted a series of strikes against Syria. If Israel conducts an airstrike in Palmyra, it will be its deepest with Syria from the time fighting began in the region.

Both Israel and Syria established coordination in 2016. The ambit was to avoid any kind of conflicts within Syrian airspace. It is hoped that both countries could operate at ease in the troubled torn region.

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