Israelis in Miami Real Estate

Israelis have always expressed a special interest in Miami real estate. This is helped by strong air connectivity between Miami and Tel Aviv along with the typical Israeli mindset of recognizing the many opportunities present in the real estate market in Miami. The Jewish interest has been noticed by real estate professionals and they have benefited from such a mindset.

Not new

For Israelis, the attraction of Miami runs deep. For over 50 years, they prefer the state for investment, relocation and also for tourism. Many Israelis have immigrated to the United States and then to Miami for the many education and business opportunities the state offers. An Israeli first timer into the place will soon be comforted by many other transplants from the Holy Land. Miami city has always a large Jewish community. Their affection towards the place has its roots largely from the similar climate and diversity. The easy social attitudes also play a big role.

It is hard to pin down the exact number of Israelis living in the state. As per a report published by Haaretz newspaper in 2014, about 80,000 Israelis are Miami residents. Many analysts believe that the number is a conservative one, and the actual number of Israelis living in the state are near to 100,000. This is due to Miami being closer compared to Los Angeles. It also offers a much cheaper lifestyle compared to New York. There are a number of instances where Israelis have migrated from New York to Miami in recent years.

Investment areas

The Israeli population generally prefers to live along the coastal areas of the city, from the Miami Beach to the Aventura. The latter is considered as “Little Israel” due to its many Israeli restaurants and shops. It is to be noted that Israeli investment is not restricted to these areas, but scattered all over the state. In fact, they are the first buyers in any emerging market. A number of real estate types are purchased by them, from family homes to commercial properties like shopping centers.

Israelis are not afraid to take risks. It makes the foundation for their tremendous economic success. It is no accident that while the world media concentrates on the country's military prowess, the country's amazing entrepreneurship and innovative culture has made it prosperous. When it comes to real estate, they tend to think beyond the mundane, and judge deals in the light of their potential, and not simply face value.

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