Istanbul Police continue Manhunt for Nightclub Gunman

Istanbul police continues its search for the gunman who shot dead 29 people inside an Istanbul nightclub even as Turkey welcomed 2017. The assailant, whose identity has not yet been established, opened gunfire at a well known nightclub in Reina on January 1. The killer took advantage of the ensuing chaos to flee the scene. Law enforcement authorities believe that the murderer belonged to the terrorist Islamic State group. The Islamic State has earlier been definitively linked to previous two attacks done on Turkish soil.

Club, PKK and Turkish government

The club has its address on the Bosphorus banka. It is one of the most upmarket venues in Bosphorus. The club is extremely popular, both with locals and foreigners in particular. Sports stars and singers throng the place. About 69 individuals are now treated in hospital. Three among of the injured are in serious condition.

The Kuristan Workers’ Party or PKK, as it is popularly known, has quickly disowned such attacks. Murat Karayilan of the PK said that his organization does not shoot innocent civilians.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, has said that Islamic State has made an effort “to create chaos” and demoralize the people. The aim of such terrorist activities is to destabilize the nation. Suleyman Soylu, the Interior Minister of Turkey, has confirmed that police are combing for the suspect and has already launched a few operations. They hope that the attacker will be captured quickly.

Many injured

Funerals of those slaughtered in the massacre were held even as the search continued. More than 50 percent of people shot dead were not Turkish citizens. The approximately seven minute shootout killed citizens of Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, France, Jordan, Lebanon and Belgium. Justin Trudeau. The Prime Minister of Canada, has confirmed the death of one Canadian citizen. The United States has also own citizen among the list of injured- one William Jacob Raak from Delaware. According to his passport, he is 35 years old.

A Turkish security guard, Fatih Cakmak, was the first to be shot. He was on duty at the door. Incidentally, he had a narrow escape from a double bombing which happened only three weeks before. He was then doing his duty when Kurdish militants attacked close to a football stadium. The attack killed about 44 people. Most of them were police officers. Even before the attacks, Istanbul was on high alert. The city has suffered a number of terrorist attacks in recent months.

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