Italy’s Political Future after Referendum is Uncertain

Italy and Euro Zone are now facing a new challenge, after the Sunday referendum’s defeat for the current prime minister Matteo Renzi is clear, what comes after is still uncertain. Italy voted “no” by almost a 20 point margin, rejecting proposed constitutional amendments that would have made the sitting government stronger and reduce gridlock. Matteo Renzi announced his resignation as prime minister.
Following the Brexit vote in Great Britain, and Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S, it seems that anti-establishment populism is the new safe bet in modern western politics, which leads us to Beppe Grillo, who campaigned against the proposed constitutional amendments. A celebrity, a former comedian, a popular blogger who started a political party called the Five Star Movement, and claims to be a leader of a populist movement that doesn’t belong neither to the left nor to the right, is, at least for now, the victor. 
The claim that the Five Star Movement not a traditional political party is somewhat consistent with the party’s narrative. It is anti-establishment, anti-globalist and Eurosceptic, yet at the same time environmentalist, and advocates for public water rights, large governmental green energy and high speed trasportation projects. 
Still, whether or not Beppe Grillo is the winner after the referendum is unclear. It is very likely that the Italian people are not in favor of any ‘revolutionary’ movement, and simply rejected constitutional amendments that will weaken the balance of power in government.

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