Japan Expected at the Forefront of Cryptocurrency Adoption in 2018

A recent survey among cryptocurrency investors reveals that Japan might be leading the game in adopting cryptocurrency. The survey included approximately 670 investors from countries like the United States, the EU, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and other nations and was aimed at understanding the level of conviction demonstrated in blockchain currencies and technologies.

Investors Aware of Risk, But Willing to Invest

Nearly all the respondents interviewed had faith in the future performance of cryptocurrency and were, therefore, willing to make long-term investments. Majority of the surveyed cryptocurrency investors had not yet invested in various other types of assets. About 32% had made investments in bonds or shares, while 14% had invested in realty. Also, 17% of the investors had received bank deposit returns.

Many financial experts have expressed their concern over the formation of a bubble in the current cryptocurrency market. However, investors say that they aren’t looking to cut down on investments in these assets. Surprisingly, over 70% of the respondents claim that they will likely increase their investments in cryptocurrency in 2018. This does not mean that the cryptocurrency investors are unaware of possible risks. About 51% consider a moderate risk of fund loss in such investments.

Japan seems to be on top of the list for 27% of the surveyed investors, who think that the nation will be the global market leader in cryptocurrency industry growth for the coming year. Other countries following Japan include Russia, South Korea and America.

Further, 65% of the crypto investors are of the opinion that there might be an integration of digital coins into the actual economy in the next 5 years. Another 25% of the investors also regards this as a possibility, while 10% believe that it is quite unrealistic.

American And European Investors Keen on Cryptocurrency Investments

About 94% of the interviewed Americans are confident about cryptocurrency’s future and have hence made investments with a view to earn long-term gains. About 35% of the American investors have also invested in cryptocurrency as a short-term financial instrument and 24% have made cryptocurrency investments with the aim of diversifying their assets. A mere 19% investors have invested in the digital currency only because they are inquisitive about it. The noteworthy point is that a good 85% are planning to boost their cryptocurrency exposure in 2018.

Europeans are not far behind the Americans. About 89% of the EU investors are also investing to get long-term gains out of cryptocurrency.

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