Japanese Real Estate sees Foreign Investment


B-Lot Co, Ltd, a real estate company in Japan, has tapped into near-virgin territory, resulting in the expansion of investment opportunities for the foreign investors. Makoto Miyauchi, the president of the Tokyo Exchange listed company, said that Singaporean investors snapped up three of the 25 financial products sold by his company during 2016. The Japanese products were all backed by an actual real estate. According to the B-Lot brochure, the company specializes in development, leasing, management and revitalization along with real estate brokerage. The list of other services includes asset management and securitization.

Main nature of business

The principal business of B-Lot is property investment. The company is engaged in increasing the value of the purchased properties. These are sold to investors when it is found profitable to do so. The unique proposition provided by B-Lot which sets it apart from other companies is that it maintains a long-term relationship with investors. Clients are not forgotten when a deal gets finalized. B-Lot is also engaged in managing assets and maintains offices in a number of important destinations like Singapore, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Osaka. All offices support their respective investors and also across the company.

The real estate market in Japan is fast and competitive, even to Japanese investors. Foreigners find the market extremely challenging. They need extra research and time to make a proper decision. The solution to such problems is locating a trustworthy partner. Not many foreigners succeed in doing so. They find it extremely hard to invest in the Japanese market.

Foreigner friendly

B-Lot is a unique company in the sense that in Japan, a country where the business culture and language barrier forms an obstacle in finalizing global deals, the company has become the industry's new model. This is important as the Japanese real estate market is more stable compared to the rest of the world, it is regarded as an extremely attractive market.

 B-Lot emphasizes teamwork and partnership to efficiently run a business concern with a few competent people. This company gains trust from investors outside Japan by offering a number of reliable financial products. The local offices provide premium one-stop services in long-term. The company also helps foreign investors to get a Japanese bank loan. The banks in Japan provide significant low-interest rates, permitting the investors to enjoy excellent yields if the loan applications get approved. These puts B-Lot into a much more advantageous position.

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