JetSuite will Launch up to 100 Hybrid Electric Planes

JetSuite, back by JetBlue, offers private charter flights and announced today that it ill be the launch customer for up to 100 electric planes from start-up Zunum Aero.  Zunum Aero, backed by Boeing, JetBlue, and Washington state’s Clean Energy Fund claim that the first wave of planes will seat 12 passengers and will be available 2022.  Ground tests begin this year and flight tests in 2019.

President of JetBlue Technology Ventures, Bonny Simi said that the goal is to improve flight experiences of under 1,000 miles and to shorten trips through the airport and cheaper flights.  That's "the part of the travel industry that's broken," Simi said. "People that don't want to go to the airport only to fly a 1-hour flight."

JetSuiteX offers semi-private flight services, the Embraer 135 planes will be replaced with Zunum planes, said CEO of JetSuite, Alex Wilcox said.  He also bragged about the potential fuel-savings from the hybrid planes.

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