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Jitsuin Announces Government Advisory Board

Jitsuin, today announced the formation of a Government Advisory Board composed of public sector and government nuclear industry experts. They will provide strategic advice to help the company continue its growth with commercial and government organizations worldwide. The advisory board will be led by Chairman Dr. Ralph DiSibio.

“This advisory board has decades of nuclear and operations experience leading some of the most demanding security and safety practices worldwide, which will guide Jitsuin as we help more customers automate trusted data sharing and multi-party business processes – especially in the hazardous and radioactive waste processing arena,” said Rusty Cumpston, CEO of Jitsuin. “Our focus is to help businesses securely share and trust critical data and digitally boost efficiency in safe multi-party operations.”

“I am thrilled to work with a hand-picked team who have been successful over decades working with me in the past,” said Dr.Ralph DiSibio. “The trust automation innovation in Jitsuin’s RKVST platform has special significance for the nuclear industry, and I am excited to introduce this breakthrough blockchain technology which will radically improve security, safety and efficiency in our industry.”

“I look forward to this opportunity with Jitsuin, a company focused on developing trust automation software that enhances the hazardous and radioactive waste management areas where security, safety and efficiency are most important,” added Dr. Inés R. Triay, Executive Director of the Applied Research Center at Florida International University.

Trusted Data Sharing Between Business and Government Entities

The company’s flagship SaaS product, “RKVST”, provides trust automation for multi-party data assurance through simple APIs that developers use to enhance existing applications and build new applications powering today’s connected enterprise and tomorrow’s autonomous enterprise. RKVST enables a single source of truth to be shared between entities across the entire lifecycle of hazardous waste and its containers, from generation to geological storage which increases operational efficiency, automates compliance, streamlines asset management and improves safety throughout the waste management lifecycle for all relevant parties.

Members of the Jitsuin Government Advisory Board are:

  • Dr. Ralph DiSibio who will serve as Chairman of the Jitsuin Government Advisory Board. DiSibio is the former Executive Chairman of the Board at Kurion Inc. where he set a new corporate strategy and recruited a new management team. After selecting the new CEO, DiSibio returned as Chairman where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions. His many career achievements include overseeing the acquisition of Kurion to a French company, Veolia, that closed in May 2016; and, negotiating the acquisition of Vista Technologies where he helped grow the company four-fold during his tenure.
  • Ms. Jan Carlin who brings 45 years of experience in both the commercial and nuclear arenas, specializing in high-level consulting and business development for nuclear and environmental projects with an emphasis on DOE Complex. She has extensive experience and project success at DOE’s Savannah River and Hanford sites. Carlin served as Managing Director of Waste Management Symposia from 2016 to 2020 producing three very successful conferences (WM18, WM19, WM20), increasing attendance, revenue, and scholarship funding. She initiated a unique and successful STEM Program and produced the first co-sponsored national event with DOE Environmental Management.
  • Mr. Christopher Massey is the former Senior Vice President of Operations at Comprehensive Decommissioning Inc. (CDI) where he was responsible for all aspects of the successful transfer of the Oyster Creek, Pilgrim and Palisades nuclear power station sites which were acquired by Holtec International, a co-owner of CDI with SNC Lavalin. Massey has over 35 years of experience in the nuclear industry, with worldwide expertise in nuclear decommissioning and waste management.
  • Mr. Stephen Marchetti is the former President and Managing Partner at Tasso Consulting Group Ltd., Marchetti was a consultant to clients in the radioactive waste management, nuclear materials processing, and oil and gas industries specializing in E&C project development and business operations. He has extensive experience in managing major engineering, construction, plant operations and multi-functional organizations and projects.
  • Mr. Stephen F. Piccolo is a principal officer of Applied Capstone Technologies Inc. and CEO of ELIXSYS Inc., as well as the former Executive Vice President Global Management and Operating Services at Westinghouse/URS. Piccolo has been responsible for the development of market facing business models for decommissioning, high hazard operations and projects at Westinghouse/URS. Also, he was responsible for the integration of all DOE-EM operations under contract. He exercised corporate baseline and oversight for seven LLC’s responsible for DOE work execution as well as international projects in six countries.
  • Dr. Inés R. Triay serves as Executive Director of the Applied Research Center, Florida International University. Triay envisioned and established an interdisciplinary nuclear research program at FIU bringing together over 55 FIU faculty and staff from four academic departments, the Applied Research Center, and the International Forensic Research Institute. This is the only nuclear research program in a Hispanic Serving Institution. Also, Triay led the nuclear program to secure over $7M of funding over the past two years from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Environmental Management, Office of Science, and Office of Nuclear Energy.

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Jitsuin boosts confidence in any multi-enterprise process with trusted data. The company’s flagship product, RKVST, proves the right data gets to the right place and is trusted by the right people. Jitsuin means “Truth in Things”. Founded in 2018 by experts in security, identity, cryptography, and distributed ledgers, Jitsuin is privately held and is headquartered in San Jose, California.


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