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Joslin Diabetes Center, The American Journal of Managed Care Collaborate to Publish Clinical Guidelines

The American Journal of Managed Care® has
published core clinical guidelines from Joslin Diabetes Center, the
world-renowned center for research, treatment, and education on a
disease that now affects 30.3 million people in the United States and
more than 422 million worldwide.

Several pertinent chapters of the Guidelines are published in the current
issue of Evidence-Based Diabetes Management™ (EBDM™),
a publication of The American Journal of Managed Care®
(AJMC®). These chapters address care for adults
with diabetes, nutritional considerations for patients with diabetes,
diabetes in pregnant women, diabetes in the geriatric population, and
pharmacological treatment for adults with type 2 diabetes (T2D);
recommendations cover most topics that physicians, pharmacists, diabetes
educators, and other care providers will encounter in primary care
practice. The online version includes downloadable PDFs of the full
issue and individual chapters.

“At Joslin Diabetes Center, sharing our knowledge beyond the clinic
walls is central to our mission; we are committed to impacting care
globally,” said Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD, FACP, senior vice president
and chief medical officer at Joslin, who serves as editor-in-chief for EBDM™.
“As use of our Guidelines has improved the quality of care for patients
at Joslin and our affiliates, we saw an opportunity to share that
knowledge with others who seek to better engage patients in the art of
diabetes self-management,” Dr. Gabbay said. “Publication of the Joslin
Clinical Guidelines in partnership with The American Journal of
Managed Care® allows us to reach physicians and managed
care opinion leaders who seek to achieve the best health outcomes for
people living with diabetes.”

Joslin’s Clinical Guidelines, which are developed and approved by the
Joslin Clinical Oversight Committee, have been in use for years, but
they were not in searchable formats. To publish the Guidelines, Clinical
Oversight Committee Chair Om P. Ganda, MD, worked closely with the AJMC®
editorial staff over a period of many months.

First, Dr. Ganda worked with the Oversight Committee to produce updated
versions of each Guideline, including up-to-the-minute recommendations
in Pharmacological Management that reflect very recent FDA approvals for
new therapies to treat T2D. Then, Dr. Ganda approved final versions of
the Guidelines in a user-friendly format. “As Chair of the Joslin
Guidelines Committee, it has been my privilege to lead the effort to
create and periodically update these concise and evidence-based
guidelines over the past many years. In this process, we have been
fortunate to benefit from the expertise and critical review by all
members of the Committee and working groups. It is now particularly
gratifying to see their much wider dissemination.”

Efforts are ongoing to promote use of the Joslin Clinical Guidelines for
diabetes management. “At The American Journal of Managed Care®,
we believe that continued learning is fundamentally important,
communication is key, and collaboration saves lives,” said Jeff
Prescott, PharmD senior vice president, Managed Markets. “Our work with
Joslin Diabetes Center to share their best practices, which result in
optimal clinical outcomes, is proof of our commitment to this principle.”

About The American Journal of Managed Care®:

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About Joslin

Joslin Diabetes Center is world-renowned for its deep expertise in
diabetes treatment, research and education. Joslin is dedicated to
finding a cure for diabetes and ensuring that people with diabetes live
long, healthy lives. We develop and disseminate innovative patient
therapies and scientific discoveries throughout the world. Joslin is an
independent, non-profit institution affiliated with Harvard Medical
School, and one of only 11 NIH-designated Diabetes Research Centers in
the U.S. For more information, visit
or follow @joslindiabetes.

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