Justice Neil Gorsuch Refuses to Go Along with Decisions Made by the Court

Neil Gorsuch, the new Justice at the Supreme Court has renewed the hope of Conservatives within eleven weeks of his entry as Justice of the Supreme Court.

Within a few days of his tenure, Gorsuch dissented to the court striking down a law in Arkansas that showed a discrimination against same-sex couples on children's birth certificates. He also showed dissent when the court refused to question the system used by the Department of Veteran's Affairs in evaluating disability claims.

Gorush also dissented when the court refused to reconsider a California law that allowed anyone to carry a concealed weapon in public.

Justice Neil Gorsuch made it quite clear that he would not be going along with any of the court's decisions on the matters of gay rights, gun ownership, and so on just for the sake of it.

Gorsuch seems to be ready to jump in and take matters to a deeper level than many of his colleagues. Unlike other justices, Gorsuch does not believe in change by increments. He believes that change comes once and for all and that the court has a responsibility to consider the challenges to the law-making system and decide what's best for all.

He believes that the court should always stick to what was written in the Constitution over the expertise possessed by the Federal Bureaucracy.

Justice Neil Gorsuch has not always been popular among his colleagues. He has often been labeled as impudent, pedantic, and oblivious to criticism that comes his way. In fact, Gorsuch was never one to shy away from addressing the concerns against him and he did not hide away when negative reviews were being thrown at him.

The decision to elect Neil Gorsuch as the Justice after his predecessor, Antonin Scalia, passed away took nearly ten months. On January 31, 2017, Gorsuch was nominated by Trump from a list of 21 potential candidates.

It took another ten weeks, a funding of $17 million, and a change of Senate rules to finally confirm Neil Gorsuch as a member of the Supreme Court.

Gorsuch was not impacted in the least by the raging battles due to his impressive credentials.

He is committed to the concepts of textualism and originalism, in fact, more so than any other member of the Supreme Court according to other officials.

The Liberals, however, are not as welcoming of Gorsuch as the Conservatives owing to the fact that his opinions, writing styles, and ideals do not match their own.

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