Kansas seat held by Republicans

Republicans narrowly won a Kansas House seat in their first Congressional election from the time the Trump administration came to power. The margin was much less in a district which has put its confidence in Trump during the November held presidential elections. The election put Ron Estes, 60 and state Treasurer of the Republican Party to represent the 4th congressional district in Kansas. The election was necessary as Trump named the original incumbent, Mike Pompeo, as the director of the CIA.

Lesser margin for GOP

Trump dominated the presidential election in the district, garnering 60 percent of the popular vote in November. Pompeo won his re-election bid by 31 points. When it comes to Estes, he trumped over by only seven percentage points over his Democrat rival, James Thompson, a known civil rights lawyer. The results suggest that the Republicans narrowly survived a severe backlash in the district. According to Bob Beatty, a political scientist at Washburn University, the results should make Republicans extremely worried. He said that it is remarkable that the Democrats should close the gap by this extent.

The election in Kansas was first among four special elections. The aim of these elections is to fill the seats in House of Representatives. The seats were left vacant by Republicans who assumed plum jobs under President Donald J. Trump.  Other seats are from South Carolina, Georgia and Montana. The Republicans at present dominate the House with 237-193 majority.

The result in Kansas mirrors voter opposition to Sam Brownback, the unpopular Republican Governor of the state. Democrats will tap into the deep well of voter frustration after the governor made Kansas a veritable laboratory for a number of broad tax cuts that left the state with minimal revenues, leading to a budget crisis. It did not help that Brownback refused to Medicaid for the poor.

Other states

Both Republicans and Democrats will now concentrate their efforts in Georgia. The state will see the highly competitive contest to be held in April 18. The seat was held by Tom Price, a Republican who put down his papers to serve as Health and Human Services Secretary in the Trump administration. The Democrats, on their part, has pinned their hopes on an investigative filmmaker and former congressional staffer Jon Ossoff. The 30 year old has already collected about $8 million, a whopping amount for special elections. He is counting on the steadily rising number of people opposing Trump to catapult him to victory.

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