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Kidney Transplant Collaborative Announces Public Launch and Website to Promote Mission

The Kidney Transplant Collaborative (KTC) recently launched as a national nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC. KTC is an advocacy group dedicated to increasing kidney transplants while decreasing financial obstacles and other common challenges recipients and donors experience during the kidney transplant process. Additionally, KTC will be awarding substantial grants, ranging from $50,000 to $3 million, to fund projects that will further its mission. To help further their impact, KTC has also launched a website available at

“We are very excited about the Kidney Transplant Collaborative and our work to improve the quality of life and survival rates for patients facing end-stage renal disease. Together, our team will work in support of policy solutions to increase kidney transplants and fund innovative projects and best practices that improve the kidney transplant program,” noted Lou Diamond, President and Chair of the Kidney Transplant Collaborative. “We look forward to our efforts directly impacting the tens of thousands of patients currently on transplant waiting lists, as well as donors, potential donors, and the families of all involved.”

KTC has identified three policy priorities to address at the federal level through advocacy initiatives. These priorities focus on living donor expense reimbursement, expansion of the paired and chain kidney donation programs, and patient engagement and transparency with organ acceptance and waitlist management.

“KTC has identified some very forward-thinking policy goals to increase awareness about the current kidney transplant process and catalyze potential solutions to expand success rates and decrease the current burdens for recipients and donors. Through our advocacy on Capitol Hill, I know we will make a significant impact in the kidney transplantation community,” said Dave White, a kidney transplant recipient and member of KTC’s Expert Advisory Panel.

The KTC was created by a group of kidney transplant professionals dedicated to improving kidney transplantation. The committed leadership team is comprised of technical, clinical, and quality professionals with experience in the kidney and transplant community. The KTC Board of Directors and Expert Advisory Panel will work together to determine and evaluate the organization’s grant and policy priorities and monitor outcomes of grant recipients’ projects.

Organizations with innovative projects reflecting the goals of KTC are now able to apply for the new grants, which will cover two years’ worth of funding. The projects must demonstrate an increase in kidney transplants and help reduce financial burdens on recipients, donors, and their families.

“These grants will help us collaborate with established organizations that have similar goals to increase kidney transplantation and make a difference for so many people in need across the country,” Diamond noted.

For more details, visit the Kidney Transplant Collaborative website

About the Kidney Transplant Collaborative

The Kidney Transplant Collaborative (KTC) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing kidney transplants and decreasing financial obstacles and other problems kidney patients, donors, and their families experience with the kidney transplant process.


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