Kids Mobile Theme Park Creating Buzz

Kids mobile theme park, Goldfish from Pluto, is set to launch its very first tour in Eisenhower Park, Long Island (East Meadow, New York) on the 6th and 7th of August. Goldfish from Pluto is aimed towards kids to better understand and to make a positive environmental impact, to create optimistic relationships to prevent bullying/cyber-bullying, and to help kids develop healthy eating habits to avoid childhood obesity.

Goldfish from Pluto is a multi-media digital e-commerce platform that creates original live shows, music, video games, virtual reality and video content focused on the children’s market. The cast of animated characters, along with an engaging storyline, focuses on its mission to save the earth and their home planet. This includes environmental education, teamwork, inclusiveness and active lifestyles.

The goal of this festival is to bring their characters and their ideals to life through live performances with content including songs, dynamic group activities, and hands-on educational opportunities and community building.

“Keeping the environment clean is extremely important to the Goldfish from Pluto because it reduces pollution, protects unique ecosystems, prevents the extinction of endangered species and conserves resources, such as water, land and air. A clean environment ensures the protection and longevity of biodiversity and ecosystems upon which human life and all other life on Earth depends. ?Like our characters, we try to find easy and effective ways to keep our environment clean! Every part of the festival has been meticulously curated to make sure that its carbon foot print is as small as possible. Environmental issues are an everyday concern for all of us in this world. This generation of young people are the hope and future of this fragile planet?and we hope that the Goldfish from Pluto can highlight the importance of caring for our planet,” stated by Goldfish from Pluto under the company’s main website.

Goldfish from Pluto Announcement at Eisenhower Park

Goldfish from Pluto Virtual Theme Park Tour

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