Knowles Announces SmartMic Headset Development Kit for Baidu DuerOS

Corporation (NYSE: KN), a market leader and global provider of
advanced micro-acoustic, audio processing, and precision device
solutions, today announced that it has developed with Baidu and
Bestechnic (BES) a new hands-free reference design for headphones,
headsets and true wireless ear buds that works with smart devices
powered by DuerOS, Baidu’s conversational AI system. The Knowles IA610
SmartMic supports the industry’s lowest-power, always-on voice wake
capability to enable Baidu voice service on-the-go for ear worn consumer

The development kit includes the Knowles IA610 SmartMic, which
integrates the Baidu keyword trigger “Xiaodu, Xiaodu,” and works
seamlessly with the Bestechnic BES2000i Bluetooth System-on-Chip with
the DuerOS Mobile Accessories (DMA) profile driver. The complete
end-to-end solution allows always-on voice control for Bluetooth
headsets to communicate with an Android or iOS smartphone running the
DuerOS mobile phone voice assistant app “Xiaodu Bluetooth.”

Many Bluetooth headsets have not been able to take advantage of
always-on voice wake, due to the limited space available for batteries
and processors. The IA610 SmartMic enables new always-on voice
functionality for Bluetooth headsets with its ultra-low power and
breakthrough integration – combining a high-performance MEMS microphone
with a state-of-the-art audio DSP into a single, miniature microphone
package. The SmartMic, combined with the end-to-end solution developed
by Baidu and BES, enables consumers to use voice wake and their
Bluetooth headsets to access the depth of Baidu’s voice-enabled
offerings such as local app control, information search, navigation,
music, news, and other services, all available through the Baidu DuerOS
app on their smartphone.

“The Knowles IA610 SmartMic enables an always-on solution not previously
possible in Bluetooth headsets,” said Figo Gao, Vice President of
Marketing at Bestechnic. “As a leading provider of Bluetooth solutions,
our customers demand innovative and value-added solutions, and we are
pleased to enable the SmartMic Headset Development Kit for Baidu DuerOS.”

“We are excited to release our voice-enabled SmartMic reference design
developed in collaboration with Baidu and Bestechnic,” said Michael
Maia, Product Line Vice President at Knowles. “With this design,
manufacturers and developers can simply prototype and quickly produce
smart headsets that support DuerOS for the ear. The Bluetooth headset
market is growing rapidly and with the addition of a natural,
personalized user interface, the SmartMic platform will enable the next
must-have feature supporting the DuerOS ecosystem.”

DuerOS is now working with over 200 companies and brands, and has been
integrated into more than 110 smart devices including speakers, TVs,
mobile phones and in-vehicle systems.

“Baidu’s DuerOS incorporates natural speech artificial intelligence into
people’s everyday lives, and with the SmartMic Headset Development Kit,
our customers can now conveniently access information using an always-on
voice interface and their Bluetooth headset,” said Donghui Jie, Head of
DuerOS Application Engineering at Baidu’s Smart Living Group. “Baidu is
pleased to partner with innovative companies like Knowles and BES to
bring such a compelling solution to market.”

The Knowles IA610 SmartMic integrates a small, low-power, voice-input
digital signal processor with Knowles market leading MEMS microphone in
a 3.5 x 2.65 x 0.98mm SPH package. All wake word detection,
identification of the voice wake word, and local voice command
processing is performed in the SmartMic which communicates to the
Bluetooth device through a range of interfaces. To learn more, please

About Knowles Corporation

Knowles Corporation (NYSE: KN) is a market leader and global provider of
advanced micro-acoustic, audio processing, and precision device
solutions, serving the mobile consumer electronics, communications,
medical, military, aerospace, and industrial markets. Knowles uses its
leading position in MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) microphones
and strong capabilities in audio processing technologies to optimize
audio systems and improve the user experience in mobile, ear, and IoT
applications. Knowles is also the leader in acoustic components used in
hearing aids and has a strong position in high-end capacitors. Knowles’
focus on the customer, combined with unique technology, proprietary
manufacturing techniques, rigorous testing and global scale, enables it
to deliver innovative solutions that optimize the user experience.
Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, Knowles has
employees in 11 countries around the world. For more information, visit

About Bestechnic (BES):

Bestechnic is a fabless IC startup founded in early 2015 with excellent
engineering capability in RF/Audio/PMU, audio and voice signal
processing, BT/WiFi modem and protocol, low power SoC and software
architecture. Bestechnic provides software development kits and
reference designs to ease the customers’ development of their products

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