Kollective Announces Integration with Microsoft Stream

Enterprise content delivery company, Kollective, has today announced the
upcoming integration with Microsoft Stream. This integration will mean
that Stream users can easily connect to their Kollective eCDN solution
from within Stream to optimize network bandwidth for live events and
on-demand video.

The new integration will help enterprise users provide the best possible
network experience for live and on-demand video sharing. Through the use
of Kollective’s software-defined network, businesses will be able to
share video securely and at scale, regardless of the size of their
workforces or the quality of their existing physical network

Commenting on the integration, Dan Vetras, CEO of Kollective, said:
“When it comes to live or on-demand video, delivery optimization is
vital to ensuring collaboration tools work effectively and in a
user-friendly manner. In addition, whether during small or
enterprise-wide live events, it’s essential that businesses consider the
potential impact on their network. Through our integration with
Microsoft Stream, we will help enterprises optimize network bandwidth by
making it easy to connect to our eCDN solution. This, combined with our
unique software-only delivery platform, helps guarantee that businesses
are making the most of their video technology.”

At the heart of the integration is Microsoft Stream, a video service
designed to democratize access to, and discovery of, videos at work.
Stream allows users to easily share live and on-demand video content
across their organizations, as well as creating a highly searchable
video library which can be accessed on any device.

Vishal Sood, Partner Group Program Manager, Microsoft, added: “As video
becomes widely adopted within an enterprise, strains on network
bandwidth can become an issue. Enterprise content delivery network
providers like Kollective can help customers who need to deliver
high-quality video across their entire organization, without impacting
network performance.”


About Kollective

At Kollective, we make corporate networks smarter so your people can
work better. The Kollective platform scales existing IT infrastructure
to accelerate content delivery to the edge of the enterprise while
minimizing network congestion. From live town hall meetings, global
presentations and on-demand video training, to major operating system
updates and the delivery of critical patches, Kollective keeps your
network secure without impacting critical business applications. We are
a passionate team of experts that work by your side every step of the
way. With Kollective it’s as easy to reach a device on your network
across the world as it is to reach one in the cubicle next door.

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