LA County Plans to Hike Park Tax

The Los Angeles county is still voting and taking in many suggestions in order to try and combat the homeless crisis which is one of the worst hit homeless crisis ever since the Vietnam war. The city has been battling one of the highest number of homeless cases and is still doing so.

The city also happens to have one of the highest homeless problems than any other city in the United States of America. The city county has decided to raise taxes in various other fields in order to combat the crisis by building large scale shelters for the homeless.

Parks and homelessness

Part if this large scale building project would take care of the large number of homeless people. The project aims at providing basic needs through homeless shelters across the entire county area. The county has also strongly suggested and wishes to impose a park tax. This would include a taxation on areas that would also include the natural reserves in the surrounding region.

The additional park tax is planned to be imposed in order to raise funds for the homeless project. The county has also been constantly pushing for the citizens to self-fund and try paying out a homeless tax to rehabilitate the homeless people in the LA county.

The hike in the park tax has been unanimously supported by the park departments and various other environmentalist groups and lobbies, as it would have excellent environmental benefits, and would also allow the human development index of the citizens in the region.

The tax that would be raised out of the parks in the area would also be used significantly to increase the green cover and natural infrastructure in the area. This would allow a larger part of the degraded regions to be restored to a more desired outcome.

The challenge of parks in a drought struck state

The other aspect of park creation would also be the extension of green spaces in the greater county area. The county is aiming at enhancing the urban design of the LA county and opening up more green spaces while being environmentally sound, and responsible.

The creation of additional green public space and infrastructure has also been hailed as a great move by public health officials and activists. However, the drought stricken state of California has become a major challenge in order to achieve this outcome.

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