Landowners vow to oppose Trump’s Mexican Wall


President Trump's idea of building a wall to stop immigrants from crossing over into the U.S. has not been very well received by many. While it is evident why Mexicans are not favorably inclined towards it, there are a number of Americans opposing the idea too. The immense cost involved in the project is just one of the reasons why people think the Mexican Wall idea is best buried over. But in addition to the disfavor that the idea is drawing, Trump may have to face some legal challenges in the form of landowner lawsuits as well, if he does insist on going ahead with his Wall.

Landowners determined to fight back 

Nearly a hundred lawsuits by landowners are already in existence and they all deal with the seizure of their land by federal authorities. All of these lawsuits pertain to South Texas properties and they have been in existence since 2008. Now the crux of the matter is that most of the landowners also have the backing of their politicians particularly because ownership is big deal in this area and the politicians are not risking their future by going against the popular views. With such significant opposition to the wall, it seems that Trump has an uphill battle to fight if he does want to go ahead with his wall building project anytime soon.

The landowners' point of view

Many landowners have purchased property with the purpose of enjoying the beautiful views of the Rio Grande Valley. Some of them have developed their property with the specific objective of making the view the most attractive part of their asset and understandably, they are not happy about a wall that will mar this view in entirety.

Landowners believe that the existing patrolling and security systems in place to prevent immigration or drug trafficking across the border are as adequate as anything is ever going to be. They feel that a physical barrier will not make much of a difference to the illegal activities but pose considerable problems for law abiding citizens like themselves.

Funding has not been approved for the wall although it does not appear to have deterred Mr. Trump from his idea of building one. The Wall was a big part of his presidential campaign and Trump appears to be very keen on making good this promise, no matter what it takes.

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