Latest Developments in Catalonia Independence

After the Spanish government declared the Catalonia independence as illegal, they asked for a snap election to decide the fate of the separation movement. However, on Thursday (21st December 2017), the independence movement of Catalonia witnessed an unbelievable turn of events. Two years ago, the separatists were unsuccessful in their attempts as they lost the vote. After the restoration of democracy in 1975, the latest vote is the country’s largest political crisis.

Let’s take a look at the results of the vote:

The winners

It looks like Spain and the European Union are going to witness a huge change as the pro-independence party was the winners of the vote on Thursday. Carles Puigdemont, the former leader of the pro-Catalan movement, celebrated the outcome of the vote from Belgium. He is spending his time there as the Spanish government is investigating his role in attempting to split Spain. If the investigation goes against Puigdemont, the government will charge him with sedition and rebellion. As a result of this, Puigdemont will spend decades in jail.

Along with the pro-Catalan party, the main candidate of the unionist party, Ines Arrimadas got 25% of the votes, which gives the Ciutadans 37 seats in the regional assembly. Although Ines Arrimadas has tasted success in the vote, the unionist party doesn’t have enough seats to form their regional government.Overall, the Puigdemont’s Junts per Catalunya, anti-capitalist CUP, and the left-republican ERC got 70 seats. Despite getting a majority of the seats, they only got 48% of the all the votes.

Spanish government faces huge blow

The Popular Party, led by Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister faced a massive blow as the vote went against them. The Popular Party secured only three seats this vote, which is going to have a huge impact in the parliament.

What’s going to happen?

As the separation parties have the most number of seats in the parliament, it puts them in the driver's seat, in the development of the government. However, as both parties are not in good terms, the task of forming the new government is going to be an uphill task. At present, there is no clarity regarding who is going to the president of the Catalan government. Felipe VI, the King of Spain, asked the pro-separatists to coexist and stay united with the country rather than push for Catalonia. Puigdemont has also requested a meeting with Mariano Rajoy.

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