Latest issue of World Finance examines the global economy in a changing world | Financial Buzz

Latest issue of World Finance examines the global economy in a changing world

LONDON, June 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — To describe 2018 so far as ‘eventful’ would be a massive understatement. The world is changing in significant ways; increasingly, we are seeing just how interlinked international systems are. The 2018 summer issue of World Finance takes a deep dive into many of the most important issues shaping global economics today.

Barclay Ballard explores Russia’s stagnating economy in the aftermath of President Vladimir Putin’s fourth re-election, which sees the president extending his control over the country and its finances. After years of Russia’s actions and global influence being under microscopic scrutiny, its economy continues to navigate economic sanctions and fluctuating oil prices.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Matsangou investigates the economic cost of the gargantuan amount of plastic floating through the world’s oceans. With seaborne plastic on track to outweigh marine life by 2050, and a floating garbage patch in the Pacific that’s triple the size France, this is a serious problem. Important global industries like fishing and tourism, not to mention marine life itself, are feeling the brunt.

Elsewhere in the world, Saudi Arabia is on a mission to diversify its economy away from oil and develop its private sector. Fernando Moncada Rivera examines one of the more innovative strategies to that end: the creation of new economic cities. Designed from the ground up, they will operate under different regulatory rules than the rest of Saudi Arabia, but will the government’s ambition outweigh its capacity to succeed in its aim?

Topics covered in other features in the summer issue of World Finance include the rise of the Petro-Yuan, the IMF’s decision to withdraw Mozambique’s financial aid and China’s dominant position in the development of renewable energy. Also in this edition is a profile of Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock – the world’s largest asset management firm, as well as an examination of the stubborn presence of coal in global energy markets.

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