Le Pen Reverses out on FrExit Rhetoric


French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has slowly but steadily stepped back from her ‘Euro Exit’ promises. It was her central theme in terms of campaign promises, it can be called her ‘border wall’. In the weekend, she said that there was no real rush to exit EU, taking a sure step away from the previous stand.

“Euro is dead”

She also said that the Euro is dead, but would like to have two currencies in the country where one is used by everyday people and the other is used by corporations for international trade.

The election is now centred between Emmanuel Macron and Le Pen after they cleared the first round and is set to take place on the 7th of May. The French public have a choice to make between the two, which to many is not really much of a choice after all.

Do they have the answers?

A survey by the Journal du Dimanche has made it clear that in the one week that remains, people are still sceptical about the abilities of the two candidates to really do anything about the rising unemployment, the refugee crisis, and the security concerns that are still looming over France. The prediction is that Macron will take the election by sweeping 59%- 60% of the votes in his favour. Macron is a former economy minister and that gives him a slight edge over Le Pen when it comes to experience in the government.

Macron leads all the polls, but he has been losing ground and slipping up in numbers over the last week or so. Le Pen, a far right candidate is actually working full time to ensure that France gets its first conservative party win since 1972. Le Pen has been working hard to get away and distance herself from the National Front, the party her father created which has always had far right ideologies and has been the radical face of holocaust denial and racism in the country. Her opposition to the Euro may not be the best way about this election as over 70% of the French population want to keep using the Euro as currency according to Bloomberg.

After running her entire campaign saying that she will remove Euro and replace it with a French central bank so that money can be pumped into the economy and then 7 days before the election backtracking on those words can be quite confusing, said Mayor Francois Bayrou in an interview.    

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