Leading Blockchain Group to Acquire Flubit.com to Launch Worlds Largest Cryptocurrency Integrated Shopping Marketplace

Today Flubit Limited, the 7 year-old eCommerce start-up (and winners of
the prestigious Web Summit competition) have announced that the rights
to the Flubit.com marketplace have been acquired by the prominent
blockchain technology group MonetaryUnit.

The strategic decision revealed today will see MonetaryUnit lead the
future operations and growth of Flubit.com, with a view to integrating
their asset-transaction technology – enabling over 500 cryptocurrencies
to be spent on millions of consumer goods. Consequentially, Flubit.com
will become the world’s largest shopping marketplace dedicated to the
acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

In a move that sees the continued rise and adoption of decentralized
blockchain technologies into our daily lives, Bertie Stephens, who
co-Founded Flubit.com with Adel Louertatani believes the deal reached
between the two parties will offer their retail sellers a new avenue for
business growth. “This agreement is a big win for our current and future
sellers. MonetaryUnit have shown us there’s a new and thriving untapped
market of customers who are looking to spend their digital assets in the
same way they would their traditional fiat currency. This allows us to
lead our sellers safely and risk-free into this emerging market,
empowering them to reap the benefits with safety in the knowledge they
need only deal in pound sterling”.

Flubit.com currently hosts more than 71M branded consumer goods, making
it the largest independent marketplace for products in the UK. Launched
in 2012, Flubit Limited has helped generate over £100M in new business
for over 2,000+ registered UK-based SME suppliers. As part of the deal,
MonetaryUnit’s Flubit.com will also be introducing supply chains to
allow its inventory to be shipped worldwide.

Byron Barnard, founder of the MonetaryUnit Blockchain project, believes
the deal is significant in offering further validation to facilitating
the acquisition & interchange of Crypto assets. “We’ve been working with
Flubit for over 18 months to make sure together we can offer a truly
ground-breaking project.

Flubit.com has had over 3 million price conscious shoppers through its
doors last year, allowing us a unique opportunity to give even greater
savings that the use of cryptocurrencies will offer existing users. In
addition, the millions of crypto savvy users will have a real-world use
for their many different cryptocurrency holdings which has been a long
awaited game changer. MonetaryUnit’s vision is to make cryptocurrency
accessible to all and this announcement is another significant step in
the direction to fulfil our mission, and to make waves in the e-commerce
and Blockchain worlds.”

Over the summer months Flubit.com will undergo a revamp to incorporate
the MonetaryUnit technologies and positioning; when finished sellers on
Flubit.com will have unique and direct access into the $270BN crypto
user base, where current volume see over $10BN of assets purchased and
sold daily. Flubit.com will continue to allow traditional transactions

“A highly committed and dedicated team enabled us to reach this point,
including the incredible backing and support of our shareholders”, says
Stephens. “This deal is both a testament to the years of hard-work
endured by so many, but also sees the first stepping-stone in allowing
the technology and relationships we’ve forged to not only continue to be
the independent leader in the UK, but worldwide too”.

Whilst the finer details of the arrangement are not being released by
either party, Flubit Limited will continue to trade & grow its B2B
business ‘SKU Cloud’, which gives opportunities for retail sellers to
sell across multiple channels.

About Flubit LimitedFlubit.com was founded by Bertie
Stephens and Adel Louertatani who were listed as two of Britain’s 500
Most Influential people by Debrett’s in 2016. Flubit.com is currently
the largest UK-owned marketplace for product availability. Hosting a
catalogue of over 70 million products across categories including home,
garden, toys, books and electronics.


About MonetaryUnitFounded in July 2014, MonetaryUnit ($MUE)
is a leading group within the Blockchain & cryptocurrency market with a
vision to make cryptocurrency accessible to all and increase adoption on
a global scale. They already have multiple services live including
Muonium, StartMy, MUEX and MyMue.


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