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LG Electronics Launches the LG G3

LG, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, LG Electronics, the Korean technology giant launched its flagship device in South Korea on Wednesday, May 28. The G3 will be available in the United States summer 2014. Many American mobile companies, such AT&T (NYSE: T), Sprint (NYSE: S), T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS), and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) already announced that they will carry the new smartphone. The price is estimated to be around $925 without contract.

Smartphone Features

Besides impressive hardware features (the 5.5 inch Quad HD screen with pixel density of 538ppi making it the highest quality screen for a mobile device yet), the LG G3 device has some interesting, innovative software features. First, is the Laser Auto Focus technology, which sounds very impressive.

The purpose of this technology is to increase the focus speed of the camera, to take sharper photographs and eliminating blurry images. The LG G3 will include extra security options – over 80,000 unique unlocking patterns to choose from.

Finally, the design, the device looks great and features a metallic back cover, which is highly scratch-resistant. Also, the graphic interface has been modified and is simpler and easier to use than that of the predecessor, the G2.

The LG G3 will come with a Quick Circle Case, giving users the option to use the device without opening the cover.

Smartphone manufacturers have put more emphasis on covers recently. It gives them flexibility in coming up with new gimmicks that allow them to differentiate themselves from one another, hoping that these small differences is what will give them the advantage they are looking for. For example – the Dot View Case for HTC One (M8 model).

All these features and gimmicks, however do not guarantee success for LG. The G2, which was released in September 2013, didn’t manage to sell as well as the company have hoped, even though many reviews found it to be superior to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and to Apple’s iPhone 5 (NASDAQ: AAPL). No one seemed to believe that LG capable of creating a device innovative enough to compete in today’s market. The G2 came as a surprise, and will play an important role in the success of G3, it undeniably brought LG back into the competition against Apple, Samsung and HTC. Expectations are high for LG: Since HTC One (M8) didn’t excel above the competition in sales and performance, it is possible LG will take HTC’s third place in the Smartphone market.