Linkedin has Employees Undergo Artificial Intelligence Academy Education

Linkedin is starting an artificial intelligence bootcamp for its employees to help expand and explore the knowledge of the ubiquitous technology.

The AI Academy program will start with classes for engineers, product managers, and executives with hopes of expansion to all their employees so that they all can be equipped with some degree of AI adroitness. The first faction from Linkedin engineering just started the classes, but the company is looking to make the AI Academy part of the employment process for all new employees.

There are four levels of classes in total, each one more deep an extensive than the previous. When they have completed those, Linkedin wants employees to have an understanding of the important and proper utilization of AI, in essence, what it can and can't fix.

Craig Martell, Head of Science at Linkedin, wrote in a blog post about the program stating that AI is “like oxygen-it’s present in every product that we build and in every experience on our platform.” Similar to Linkedin, Microsoft has also inoculated AI into many of its major initiatives, and also offers an online training program for developers.  

Most big tech companies are exploring on AI and paying out millions for top talent in the area. With this though, comes hesitence on the ethics of such a powerful newer tool.

“AI is an incredibly powerful tool,” Martell writes, “It is of paramount importance to us that anyone trained to use AI should also be well-trained in how to wield it responsibly. To that end, ethical approaches to AI are an important part of our curriculum. We look at issues like choosing training data without bias and evaluating results against individual subgroups and not just the aggregate.”

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