Local Nonprofits to Benefit through Fashion Fundraisers


Fashionable people become philanthropists have a happy time coming. They can replenish their wardrobe and support two non-profits simultaneously. The two are Angel Charity and Eagles Wings of the Grace Clothing Ministry. These non-profits help women and children. All these are possible by attending the two fashionable fundraisers within the coming few weeks.

Angel Charity

One good thing about these two events: these two will happen one after the other. First up is Angel Charity. It will involve Ball Gowns, Children's Bags, and Baubles. The event will happen on April 12. The venue will be the Skyline Country Club on St. Andrews Drive. The event will be the beginning of the fundraising year for Angel Charity. The latter has raised about $26 million to date over the last 35 years. The money has helped about one million children.

Angel Charity will see the sale of about 1,500 new and almost new gowns and cocktail dresses. There will also be “after 5” shoes and accessories. There will also be handbags. The inventory will include different sizes up to 20. Guests can choose from a range of upscale designer labels. This event provides an excellent opportunity for the women to buy smart fashions. These clothes even have their original tags. Jennifer Coyle, the chairwoman of the event, assured that these clothes will come with reasonable price tags.

Affordability and Eagles Wings

According to Coyle, the event is a resale shopping one and party. Items are at a selling price point. Majority of the items will cost from $10 to $25. The guests not only can snap up fashionable clothes and accessories at economical prices, the evening will be a fun filled one with lots of shopping and the sipping of champagne. This fundraiser offers women a chance to throw out their existing clothes which they do not now no longer wear. Coyle said the event represents an excellent opportunity to recycle used clothing. Guests may shop for clothing which were worn minimal number of times.

Eagles Wings hopes to gather support and also awareness at Getting Ahead Fourth Annual Fashion Show at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church. The time and date are four in the evening on April 12. This fundraiser features latest trends like Jo Young's Fashion-fix. The proceeds will benefit the effort of the ministry to offer leisure apparel and professional clothes, accessories and shoes for those disadvantaged women who are trying hard to be assets to their community. Eagles Wings will also sell toiletries.

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