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LOUD Criticizes Amazon Over New Distribution Center in Impoverished Tijuana Neighborhood

LOUD, the Latino Outreach and Understanding Division, an affinity group of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) dedicated to improving overall health and wellbeing and fighting HIV by employing marketing initiatives that are not only culturally competent, but effective at encouraging behavioral change throughout Latino communities in the U.S., today sharply criticized global behemoth Amazon, one of the five most valuable companies in the world, for a new, state-of-the-art distribution center in Mexico which it built in an impoverished Tijuana neighborhood.

“As Latinos living in the US and many of us being born in Latin America, we condemn big corporations like Amazon taking advantage of Latin American countries in order to maximized revenue and maintain low costs,” said by Edwin Millan, National President of the Latino Outreach and Understanding Division powered by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “It is despicable and outrageous to build humongous luxury buildings and fulfillment centers in impoverished areas where people are living in houses constructed from scrap plywood, cardboard, and other materials that are not suitable for human habitation. This building dwarfs the shanties and shacks that serve as homes to many poor residents in Tijuana just steps from this obscene new Amazon facility.”

A September 7, 2021, news article on Yahoo! Desportes noted this sad truth that is happening now with greater frequency in Tijuana and other parts of Mexico.

LOUD urges Latinos living in the US share their thoughts on social media and urges Amazon to do the right thing to amend their horrible actions. #greedyamazon #housingisahumanright #SomosLOUD

“We are outraged and dismayed by Amazon’s actions, but nothing will be resolved if we do not speak up,” concluded Millan.


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