Louisiana Elects a Republican to US Senate

John Kennedy, a Republican, was voted to the United States Senate by Louisiana voters. He is currently the state Treasurer and won convincingly over his Democrat rival, Foster Campbell. The former’s win will give the Republicans a convincing 52-48 edge in the Senate chamber.

Republican march

Kennedy topped his victory speech by saying that he represents the new in Washington. He has said that the future could be better than the present and added that this premise is possible only if the current state of affairs in the capital can be changed. He emphasized that change will surely come.

Other than Kennedy, voters also gave their thumbs up to two Republicans when it came to filling up vacant seats in the US House. They choose Clay Higgins of 3rd District, representing south central and southwest Louisiana and Mike Johnson in 4th District. The latter covers northwest Lousiana.

The Louisiana state has a distinct open primary system where all candidates compete against each other. There were a number of contenders for the November primaries in open congressional seats. The Saturday runoff was thus won by top two who got the maximum number of votes.

Losing Democrats and new GOP agenda

This senate runoff attracted attention from all over the United States. Both Donald Trump and Mike Pence, the President and Vice President elect respectively traveled to Louisiana to campaign for Kennedy. The national Republican party offered the necessary staff and the resources to help campaigning for Kennedy. In contrast, the Democratic candidate Campbell was abandoned by his party, with the assumption that the Republicans will effortlessly winning the seat. This has not stopped donations pouring in from all over the United States, with a number of celebrities joining in the support of Campbell in order to bolster resistance against the Trump presidency. According to Campell, he received phenomenal support from all over the country.

Campbell was previously a regulator for the state utility, with little chances of winning. In his concession speech, he admitted as such and said that he has worked the maximum to win. Sharon Day, the co-chairperson of Republican National Committee, said that the Kennedy win capped up a year of GOP wins all over the ballot. In a statement, she said that with Republicans dominating 52 seats in the Senate, they can confirm a Supreme Court Justice with conservative leanings. She said that the House will work with President-Elect Donald Trump to pass a change oriented agenda for Americans.

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