Lyft Adds Feature Allowing Customers to Donate to Charity

Lyft and Uber have always tried to attract a wider audience as their client base, and while Uber has been going through a rough year, Lyft is trying capitalize on the situation, presenting itself as a compassionate company. Lyft has announced a new feature, adding a payment option that allows passengers to round up their fare to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to charity.   

The feature, which is simply called Round Up& Donate, will launch in the coming weeks, most likely with a single organization that can receive donations, Lyft executives said. The company expects to gradually expand the program and highlight local community organizations, CNN reported. 

"Lyft is a values driven company and we deeply believe in participation. Round Up and Donate is a program that makes it easy to participate in a meaningful way by allowing people to give back to the causes they care about within our communities," Lyft Vice President of Marketing Melissa Waters said in a statement.

Uber, the bigger of the two ride sharing platforms, valued at about $60 billion, is having a complicated 2017 so far. The hashtag #DeleteUber has trended multiple times across social media platforms, then public allegations of sexual harassment of women at the company's San Francisco headquarters were in the news, and Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick was caught on tape having a fierce discussion with an Uber Driver. Kalanick apologized for the incident, and this is now behind the company, yet it definitely didn’t help improve Uber’s public image. 

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