Lyft and Partner on Self Driving Ride Hailing

Lyft and autonomous driving startup company called are collaborating to implement self driving vehicles in and around San Francisco.’s test fleet is going to be operated on Lyft’s open platform which helps carmakers and self driving technology companies build and deploy autonomous cars in the real world that will eventually sere as on demand ride hailing vehicles. is a company that focuses on deep learning and builds AI software for vehicles in a way that is both scalable and cost efficient. Recently, the company’s go to market strategy is to build retrofit kits that can turn existing fleets of cars into autonomous resources. The pilot will start off small in scare that will eventually progress over time focusing on safety, creating a unique experience for riders, and educating the population about AV technology. Existing vehicles will be used with different vehicle platforms equipped with a self driving kit.

Lyft’s Open Platform is designed to provide a way for partners to build out their autonomous technology and to help develop a sense of what a successful self driving ride hailing fleet would look like from a rider’s perspective. Lyft’s system is designed to also evaluate pick up requests and checks data as well as road and weather conditions so it can pass that information to autonomous ride providers such as If the provider determines that it can operate effectively under those conditions, an AV will then pick up the rider.

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