Lyft Gains Customer Satisfaction as Uber Tumbles

Lyft has now recruited better drivers that would be more responsive to passengers searching for a riding service alternative to Uber. The company has also upgraded their smartphone app, enhanced their marketing efforts to attract more riders, and now expanded their U.S. locations with 160 more cities totaling to about 350. Lyft has expanded to 32 states with now a total of 40.

Lyft’s rides are in the millions per year but doesn’t top Uber with 10 million trips per day worldwide carrying over 5 billion passengers in over 80 countries since 2009. Uber has raised almost $14 billion in capital since founded, compared with Lyft’s $2.6 billion. However, ever since their previous CEO Travis Kalanick was running the company in June, Lyft had more than doubled their rides from the first 6 months of last year. At the end of the month, they had reached a total of 162.5 million. Their U.S. ride hailing market in the past 2 years doubled the rate of Uber’s, rising from 12% to over 30%.

Lyft Co-founder, Logan Green, says that many “people prefer using Lyft. They like that we treat our drivers better. They like that we treat our customers better. And they like that we have a brand that sort of stands for taking care of people, where Uber has done a lot to build the opposite type of brand.” Customers believe that Lyft is really responsive when contacted about an issue as opposed to Uber. Even after Uber made adjustments to treat their drivers and employees better as well as firing 20 employees, problems still occur for this company.

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