Macron Miracle and Making France into a Global Powerhouse

Emanuel Macron, with the distinction of being the French Fifth Republic's youngest president, has reason to be enthusiastic and optimistic. During the Paris-held Viva Technology conference on June 15, 2017, he announced a new momentum in his country. The young president declared he wanted France to be like a startup nation, describing France as a country which works for and with startups. He promised the country would think and be nimble like a startup.

Not the old France anymore

Although such promises can be seen as naivety, it is not so in Macron's case. He has the chops to prove that he can do anything. An unknown technocrat only a few years before, the French President single-handedly won as the country's inefficient and antique political landscape went into ruins. For international observers, Macron's pledge of new beginnings has foreign policy ripples. France now wants to be flexible and creative. It wants to engage in power politics even as it leverages multilateralism to push French interests. The world has a tasting already of what France wants. The country mounted an armed attack in Syria along with the UK and the US to uphold international law. Truth be told, the transformation of France began much before Macron. The last 10 years saw Paris jettisoning its old historical baggage and moral rigidity. Whether France will succeed remains to be seen. It is pacing up as the global order crumbles at a quick pace.

New, dynamic package

The new foreign policy adopted by France is wrapped up in a brand new package. The communication is unashamedly cutting edge blending traditional assets and super innovative methods. Macron has invited Trump to Champs Elysees. He has also invited Putin to Versailles. The hard nose of global diplomacy is smoothened by illustrious historical heritage and cultural richness.

Macron put the new France across by a few new deft moves. He used the joint conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin to denounce Russian media houses like Sputnik and RT. He called these two “propaganda agents” due to their unfavorable coverage of French election. He also trolled the US President Donald J. Trump with the latter's infamous soundbite “Make America great again”. The French President turned the statement on its head by saying “Make our Planet Great Again”. This specific comment made him a global media celebrity. It also helped the French Prime Minister speaks English fluently and has a talent for statecraft.

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