Macron’s Wife Continues to Draw Flak for the Age gap

France may be on the threshold of a revolutionary new chapter in its political history, but it appears that at least some are unable to leave age old traditions and beliefs behind. This become clear as Macron's wife, Brigitte, has been drawing much criticism and negative attention ever since he decided to run for President.

The subject of much discussion and more criticism

Brigitte, who is 25 years older than Emmanuel Macron, has been at the receiving end of much more than her fair share of attention, most of which has not been very favorable. As soon as Macron made it clear that he was in the running for the highest political post in the country, his personal life came under scrutiny and his marriage to his former teacher, Brigitte, made waves. Macron himself has never attempted to underplay his marriage or the age gap between he and his wife and in fact, has been quite open to questions about it.

Brigitte has been an integral part of his political journey and there has never been any question about her deep involvement as an advisor to his campaign. The media has also mentioned her contribution to his speeches. However, the current First Lady has not always been spoken of in favorable terms, and what is more surprising is the continuing negative press even after the victory of Macron.

A revolution in the making marred by misogyny

The ascent of Macron to the presidential seat is widely seen as a major revolution in the French political scene because the political parties that have held sway over the country for decades have lost ground drastically. The people's mandate has clearly shown that they are looking for a dramatic shift politically, but it does not appear that they are ready to adopt a mental or attitudinal shift in social issues to match.

Many members of the media and the public have made it clear that they are less than thrilled about the fact that the First Lady is far senior in age to the President but why this should be relevant to France's future or its progress is a point no one is willing to answer. Political rivals have gone so far as to state that Macron is married to a woman 'as old as his mother' in clearly tasteless and derogatory remarks made in public.

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