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Maine Turnpike Authority Selects Econolites ATC Cabinet

Econolite, the leader in one-stop-shop traffic management solutions, today announced that the Maine Turnpike Authority (MTA) has selected and begun deploying Econolite’s Advanced Traffic Controller Cabinet (ATCC). The MTA is installing the Econolite ATCCs as a safer, smarter, and greener option for replacing older cabinets at interchanges along the turnpike.

With Maine Department of Transportation’s (MaineDOT) 2019 decision to adopt the ATC cabinet as the state standard, the MTA took a leadership role as the first agency in the state to deploy the ATC cabinet. “The expansion of capabilities and options the Econolite ATCC provides makes it ideal in support of our infrastructure modernization program,” said Eric Barnes, P.E., MTA Toll System/ITS Manager.

The MTA is leveraging the 48-volt option Econolite ATCC that enables the use of alternate power sources and longer-lasting battery backup systems (BBS), which is a critical safety feature for inclement weather conditions that can interrupt utility power. Also, because it requires less power to operate, the 48-volt Econolite ATCC is a greener more sustainable option.

In addition, the Econolite ATCC provides a wider range of smarter and safer features. “The Econolite ATCC’s 32 signal outputs and 120 detector inputs, built-in monitoring functions, and high-speed communications enables the MTA to utilize new more intelligent traffic controllers and sensors,” added Barnes. “Combined with all of the technician-friendly safety features, the Econolite ATCC will be able to support our demanding and evolving traffic control needs for many years to come.”

The Econolite ATCC is built to meet and exceed the ATC 5301 V02 Advanced Transportation Controller Cabinet Standard. This intelligent cabinet design is based on the most popular features of Safetran’s Caltrans, NEMA, and ITS cabinets. The ATCC uses high-speed serial communications, providing modern features, advanced diagnostics, enhanced safety, simplified cabinet wiring, and reduced cabinet size. The ATCC supports both 120 VAC and 48-volt DC signal heads, while high-density load switches and quad detector modules allow for up to 32 signal outputs and 120 detection inputs.

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