Managing a Campground as a Business

Many people enjoy camping. Some people enjoy it so much they go on to manage the campgrounds they have come to enjoy so much. Managing a campground can be rewarding and fun. There is also a lot of hard work involved so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all fun. If you’ve considered running a campground, you may have already looked in managing an RV park. These can be lucrative and start-ups cost are often lower.

A Place to Stay

People will come to you for a place to stay while enjoying the outdoors. They may want to see wildlife, look at the stars without the city lights, go fishing or just enjoy the outdoors. They also may need help to set up their site, finding good wood for a campfire, or with electrical needs for an RV. Hopefully, you enjoy helping people and providing a service.

They are looking for a home away from home and a time to relax. Often campers don’t realize the work that comes with camping. Although rewarding, true camping is also a lot of work and they will call you for help with any problems. 

Well Needed Tools

Marketing your campground is only the start. What about reservations? You’ll need software that can handle the influx of people wanting to make reservations come springtime. Campsite management software is used every day for ordering supplies, finding contractors, payroll, reservations, and more.

Unless you plan to contract out every problem that arises (which would be expensive), plan on having tools to fix problems with plumbing and count on having plenty of firewood and other supplies the campers will be looking for.

There Is Always Something to Fix

Are you good at fixing things? This will be true with any campground, but especially true for the RV parks or parks with electric hook-ups, bathrooms, showers, etc. Cleaning is also a large part of running a campground. Unfortunately, you will run across campers that don‘t clean up after themselves which means more work for you.

Some things will need to be fixed over time, while others will spring up on you last second. Can you handle an emergency should this happen to you?

Being In Charge

When managing a campground, you become a problem solver for everything. From advertising to discounts, there will always be decisions waiting for you to make, problems to solve, and broken plumbing to fix. Can you handle the pressure of being the boss?

Can you handle the difficult camper with a never-ending list of complaints? Regardless of how nice you keep the campground, for some people, it will never be enough.

Increasing Revenue For Campgrounds

Campground revenues are growing. People are enjoying the fresh air, campfire food, stories, friends, and family. Often, reservations are required far in advance, especially with RV parks. Did you know Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park is reporting an increase of 18.8 percent for the third quarter of 2018?

Camping can be an inexpensive way to “vacation,” if you will, and there is a lot of fun to be had. People are watching their money and trying to have some family fun at the same time. This means an increase in overall campers.

You must think through a lot of things before deciding to run a campground of any kind. According to Small Business Trends, though there is much hard work involved, the payoff is worth it. If you’re starting from the ground up, the payoff may be many years down the road, but it is there.

Put together a list of all the things needed to manage a campground as a business. Think about whether this is a good fit for the type of person you are. This business is definitely not for everyone. Only the hardworking, dedicated people-person may find themselves a good fit for this work. Then create a plan to put this dream of yours into action one step at a time. Only then will you realize your dream of managing a campground or RV park.

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